A Complete Python Bootcamp

Learn about GraphQL, how it works step by step

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Course Introduction

  • This is a self learning course with tutor guidance , all the vidoes are avaliable in telugu languages
  • This is a complete python masterclass course which provides a strong foundation that would allow students to strengthen their skills.
  • The course starts with basic introduction and we cover till most advanced concepts in Python. We have 10 real time projects that will be taught as a part of the course
  • Python is a versatile programming language, suitable for projects ranging from small scripts to large systems. Every lesson will be thought with real time use cases
  • This is a certificate program .Apart from python programming end to end we emphasizes best practices such as version control, unit testing and recommended styles and idioms.
  • Learners will explore the large standard library of Python 3, which can be used for general purposes and day to day activities

Course Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to “do something useful with Python”.

  • To acquire programming skills in core Python 3
  • To develop the skill of designing Graphical user Interfaces in Python
  • To develop the ability to write database applications in Python
  • To understand why Python is a useful scripting language for developers.
  • To learn how to design and program Python applications.
  • To learn how to use lists, tuples, and dictionaries in Python programs.
  • To learn how to identify Python object types.
  • To learn how to use indexing and slicing to access data in Python programs.
  • To define the structure and components of a Python program.
  • To learn how to write loops and decision statements in Python.
  • To learn how to write functions and pass arguments in Python.
  • To learn how to build and package Python modules for reusability.
  • To learn how to read and write files in Python.
  • To learn how to design object‐oriented programs with Python classes.
  • To learn how to use class inheritance in Python for reusability.
  • To learn how to use exception handling in Python applications for error handling.


  • A computer – Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform.
  • Prior programming experience is NOT necessary, but it can help in getting a better perspective on topics


Who is this course for?

  • If you want to start a programming career , this should be the first course to start off with
  • If you want to learn to code from scratch through building fun and useful projects, then take this course.
  • If you want to start your own startup by building your own websites and web apps.
  • If you are a complete beginner then this course will be everything you need to become a Python professional
  • If you are a seasoned programmer wanting to switch to Python then this is the quickest way. Learn through coding projects.


  • This course is graded pass/fail is based on assignments completion and completion of projects.
  • Students are required to submit weekly assignments and complete the assignments with in the timelines to get certification awarded
  • There will generally be weekly homework assignments. They will include both reading and video watching and programming exercises.
  • You are not required to turn in the assignments to pass the course, however, we learn by doing, so you are encouraged to put some time in to the homework. The instructors will review your work on your request. There will be office hours to answer your questions


  • After Joining the course A Dedicated tutor will be allocated to you for 6 months to clarify all your doubts
  • We have WhatsApp , Telegram, Email support channels to get all your doubts clarified
  • Most of your doubts will be clarified instantly max resolutions time of your doubts is 4 hours
  • Once completion of assignments and course, we will assist you resume preparation and job interviews
  • We have 200+ Students placed till date and you will be given complete access to interview questions, real time projects and datasets for working on examples

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4 months ago

Lectures were at a really good pace and I never felt lost. The instructor was well informed and allowed me to learn and navigate Figma easily.

4 months ago

Its pretty good.Just a reminder that there are also students with Windows, meaning Figma its a bit different of yours. Thank you!

4 months ago

Great course for learning Figma, the only bad detail would be that some icons are not included in the assets. But 90% of the icons needed are included, and the voice of the instructor was very clear and easy to understood.

4 months ago

I have really enjoyed this class and learned a lot, found it very inspiring and helpful, thank you!


What's included

  • 12 hours video
  • Certificate
  • 12 Article
  • Watch Offline
  • Lifetime access


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